Bone reconstruction using 3D manufactured bone blocks

It is often the case that patients undergoing implant treatment require bone reconstruction procedures at the site of the lost tooth or teeth. This is necessary to create a suitable base for the implant. The more time that passes since tooth extraction, the more atrophy, i.e. natural bone atrophy caused by the lack of mechanical load, progresses.

The use of CAD/CAM technology in modern implantology allows the development of precisely dimensioned allogenic bone blocks (i.e. derived from human tissue).

What does bone reconstruction with 3D-made bone blocks look like?

In addition to reconstructions using artificial bone substitute materials, dentists-implantologists also carry out autogenous grafts, i.e. grafts using the patient’s own bone (from the chin, the sinus cavity and, in the case of extensive defects, also from the hip plate).

Obviously, autogenous transplantation, although it yields better quality bone graft material, is associated with trauma to the site where the tissue is taken. With the development of implantology, allogenic materials, i.e. from a human tissue bank, are therefore increasingly used. Allograft (bone from a tissue bank) does not trigger an autoimmune reaction. It is an ideal material for stimulating new bone growth.

For a successful reconstruction, the bone block must adhere perfectly to the alveolar process. The three-dimensional radiological image in combination with design using CAM software allows the bone block to be individually shaped exactly according to the patient’s needs. Such an individual graft block is milled according to the design from the allograft and then cleaned and sterilised to be ready for transplantation.

The augmentation procedure using 3d shaped blocks is available at the Koryzna Clinic dental office in Szczecin. Our dentists will provide more information during the consultation.