What does it involve?

The Quick Sleeper is an innovative computer-assisted anaesthesia system. A microprocessor in the device controls the speed of the anaesthetic drug administration. The process of administering the anaesthetic is precise and completely painless for the patient. The drug is injected directly into the bone near the tooth. What is more, the anaesthetic is administered at the so-called physiological speed, so it is absorbed into the bone tissue slowly.

In the Quick Sleeper system, there is no phenomenon of injecting the drug under pressure, as is the case with a traditional injection.

With computer anaesthesia, we do not have to wait for the drug to take effect. The result is immediate and the patient feels no pain in an area of 2 to 6 teeth (depending on the amount of drug administered).

Quick Sleeper does not anaesthetise the soft tissues, i.e. the lips or tongue. The patient does not feel an unpleasant sensation of numbness. Quick Sleeper dental anaesthesia is completely safe, poses no risk of complications (e.g. soft tissue necrosis), and is effective even when the pain is as intense as that of dental pulpitis. It can be used in all types of dental treatment, from caries to extractions to implants.

The Koryzna dental office in Szczecin performs anaesthesia using the Quick Sleeper system.
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