Maxillofacial surgeon

At the Koryzna Clinic dental office, we perform many procedures in the field of implantology, microsurgery and surgery, such as:

  • nsertion of implants,
  • sinus lift (open and closed method),
  • bone regeneration and transplantation,
  • root resections
  • removal of impacted teeth,
  • extraction of wisdom teeth,
  • removal of cysts,
  • surgical treatment of parodontosis.

Tooth extraction

To prevent natural bone loss after tooth extraction, the alveolus should be filled immediately after extraction with an implant or bone substitute (socket preservation). In this way, we ensure that there is sufficient bone for a possible future implant procedure. If the alveolus after extraction is not filled, bone loss reaches 40-60% 2-3 years after tooth extraction.

The dental surgeon also performs other surgical procedures in the oral cavity and adjacent areas. Many of the surgical procedures are designed to assist other areas of dentistry – endodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, orthodontics. Oral surgery procedures are performed under local or, if necessary, general anaesthesia.

The patient feels no pain during the procedure. Once the anaesthetic has worn off, general analgesics can be taken unless otherwise advised by the dentist.

Relative contraindications, i.e. those that require adequate preparation of the patient for surgical treatment at the dentist, include:

  • herpes
  • ulcerative stomatitis
  • leukaemia and other blood diseases (e.g. haemophilia)
  • anaemia
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • unregulated hypertension
  • liver disease
  • kidney disease
  • epilepsy
  • non-regulated diabetes mellitus
  • infectious diseases
  • pregnancy
  • other

Oral surgery consultations are available at the Koryzna Clinic dental practice in Szczecin.