Chirurgia stomatologiczna ze znieczuleniem w Szczecinie


We perform a variety of treatments in the field of implantology, microsurgery and surgery, including:

  • placing implants
  • sinus lift
  • root apcioectomy
  • impacted tooth removal
  • wisdom tooth removal
  • cyst removal
  • surgical treatment of periodontitis


Before the implantation procedure it often turns out that there is insufficient bone tissue in a particular place to firmly anchor the implant. The doctor must then take action to increase the amount of bone tissue. Bone reconstruction by means of Cerasorb can be performed simultaneously while placing the implant. Frequently, however, the alveolar bone must be first restored, as only after the necessary amount of new bone has been created, may the implant be anchored.

Tooth extraction (tooth removal)

To prevent the natural bone loss after tooth extraction, the tooth socket should be filled with Cerasorb immediately after extraction. In this way, the appropriate amount of bone tissue is provided that will be required for a possible future implantation. If the tooth socket is not filled after extraction, bone loss may reach 40-60% within 2-3 years after extraction.