Implant zębowy wraz z koroną protetyczną w jeden dzień


An implant is an artificial titanium element inserted into the patient’s bone in order to act as a foundation for a prosthetic restoration such as a crown or bridge. It replaces the root in the case of tooth loss. Implants are a unique prosthetic solution due to a number of reasons:

  • they offer the patient full physical and mental comfort,
  • the patient avoids the hassle related to traditional prosthetic methods (removing dentures, the necessity of grinding teeth etc.),
  • they offer outstanding aesthetics,
  • based on doctors’ experience, it can be stated that implants are impressively durable,
  • the first implant was placed in the mouth more than 40 years ago and it still works very well.

Course of treatment

Implants are not something to be afraid of – inserting them is no more troublesome than tooth extraction.The first step involves inserting the implant into the bone and then stitching the wound. The implant then merges with the bone. The next step of implant treatment is prosthetic restoration. Implants are recommended in many cases, ranging from the lack of a single tooth to complete edentulism. The treatment plan depends on the needs of the patient, the doctor’s decision and financial capabilities. Frequently patients, who are determined to undergo implant treatment, learn in the dental clinic that it is not feasible due to the small amount of bone tissue or other adverse local conditions. In our clinic, we are able to remedy this by appropriate treatment to stimulate bone growth.

Our solution

A dental implant is in fact an additional tooth root, made of pure titanium, which is placed in the bone. The implant healing period is 3 months. After this time, the tooth crown can be reconstructed. For an implant to be placed, a sufficient amount of the bone is necessary. At the moment there are surgical methods and agents which facilitate the reconstruction of missing bone. In our clinic we perform reconstruction treatments, bone grafting and sinus lifts on a daily basis.