Kosmetyka stomatologiczna w Szczecińskiej Klinice Koryzna


Full-ceramic crowns – they are aesthetic and durable. The are mounted on patient’s own teeth to change the tooth’s shape or colour, following root canal treatment and implant placement. In our clinic we produce all-ceramic crowns using the latest technology in the world called Cerec. It takes one hour and is possible in a single appointment.  3D prostheses are excellent dental restorations, which do not require taking  impressions,  fittings or temporary work. The shape of the prosthesis is perfect, which is not possible to achieve under the traditional method.

Porcelain veneers

They make it possible to have beautiful, white teeth. They meet expectations of the most demanding patients. They are thin porcelain shells, stuck on the front side of the tooth. They protect the hard tissue of own teeth and change the look of the teeth affected by caries, teeth which are damaged because of clenching or  an injury. They correct any blemishes or imperfections in the shape of the tooth. This method is applied instead of grinding teeth to place crowns.


They are crown-like porcelain inserts, which offer an alternative to traditional composite fillings. They are used to fill both small and extensive tooth cavities. Thanks to Cerec technology,  we can obtain an insert by means of scanning, which has a perfect shape and colour. In addition, it is almost as durable as natural enamel and has comparable abrasive qualities. This method is more durable than the traditional composite filling, which usually unseals after 2-3 years. An all-ceramic filling can provide comfort from 7 to 10 years.