Leczenie paradontozy stomatolog Szczecin

Periodontal treatment

Chronic inflammation of the gums (Periodontitis) often leads to bone loss and the formation of so-called pocket bone. This poses a real danger that the tooth will lose its natural bone socket in the foreseeable future. However, it is possible to maintain the „fixing” of the tooth.

Course of treatment

First a swab is taken from the area of the bone defect, which is sent to a laboratory in Germany. The waiting time for results is about a week. Based on the obtained result, an antibiotic is selected individually for every patient to destroy the bacteria causing the bone loss. Then, after the doctor has removed the inflamed tissue and cleaned the bone pocket, the resulting bone cavity is filled with a bone regeneration agent, which will ensure optimal bone growth, so that in a few months a new bone will form. This will lead to stabilising the patient’s own tooth.