Profesjonalna frezarka cyfrowa w gabinecie stomatologicznym

3D Prosthetics

There are many different causes of tooth loss – extractions, injuries, traffic accidents, and congenital missing teeth which cause difficulties in the consumption of foods as well as aesthetic problems. Thus, it’s worth noting that prosthetic treatment restores the correct functioning of the masticatory system and allows the patient to smile in a relaxed and confident manner.

Types of prosthetic restorations

  • implants – the perfect prosthetic solution in the case of partial tooth loss (one or several teeth) as well as the total loss of teeth – they include crowns and bridges or removable implant-supported dentures
  • all-ceramic crowns and bridges (CERCON) – characteristic qualities include high aesthetics and durability
  • crowns and bridges on a gold or metal foundation
  • classic dentures or dentures with precise retention elements (latches, bolts)
  • flexible dentures (Valplast), partial and complete acrylic dentures