Chirurgia stomatologiczna - przeszczep kości w szczęce

Bone regeneration and transplantation

It is used in cases of extensive bone atrophy in order to increase the amount of bone tissue prior to placing an implant in the following stage of the treatment. On the basis of computer tomography, an individual bone builder is designed, matching a specific defect. The prefabricated bone builder is placed under gingiva to facilitate its integration with the patient’s own bone. This procedure reduces the risk of complications and pain and is less invasive when compared to conventional bone grafts.

Tooth apicoectomy

If the apex of the root is inflamed, an apicoectomy is often required. It is a surgical procedure involving the removal of the affected root apex and surrounding tissue. The treatment results in bone loss, which can be effectively filled with Cerasorb.

Periodontal treatment

These procedures are performed in the case of bone loss resulting from inflammation caused by bacterial deposits on teeth. The bone pockets which have formed are filled with Cerasorb. Sometimes it is additionally necessary to use a membrane.


Another area in which Cerasorb is applied is filling bone cavities resulting from cysts. In this case it is also possible to fill the cavity completely with Cerasorb and form a new bone.