Koryzna Clinic distinguished as the Luxury Brand of the Year 2017.

We are very pleased to share with you the information that 18.12.2017 at the ceremonial in Janów Podlaski, Koryzna Clinic received the statue of the Luxury Brand of the Year 2017.
We thank you for the trust and choice of our services, and we promise that we will do our best to keep the Koryzna Clinic further developed and the level of service provided has continued to be as high as ever and even higher.

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Koryzna Clinic


Koryzna is a professional Dental Clinic located in Szczecin. We offer comprehensive care of the oral cavity and advice on proper oral hygiene. When providing care in our clinic, we apply the principle that the good of our patients is of the utmost importance and we strive to tailor our offer to meet individual needs and financial capabilities.


We offer a wide range of services in the fields of dentistry and implantology. Moreover, we specialise in surgery, prosthetics, bone regeneration, conservative dentistry and treatment of periodontitis. Our patients include not only adults but also children – we adopt a friendly and personal approach to everyone and try to provide only high quality treatment. That’s why we attach such great significance to the improvement of skills of each and every dentist employed by the clinic, through participation in numerous conferences and training sessions in the fields of dentistry, implantology and prosthetics.


The Cerec CAD / CAM system is the latest technology that makes it possible to make all-ceramic prosthetic restorations during a single appointment. Today, Cerec enables the construction of all-ceramic crowns, bridges, veneers and inlays (which are a ceramic reconstruction of a heavily damaged tooth without the need to make a crown) by taking a digital impression, designing the restoration, cutting the ready workpiece in a numerical milling machine and cementing, all possible during a single hourly appointment.


We look forward to seeing you at our clinic!